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Young and hungry, Maverick Design started out in 2009. Long-time friends Kameel Kalyan and Yaseen Khan decided to join forces, open their own creative agency, and demonstrate the power that sheer creativity can have in the world. The two are the epitome of the quintessential yin and yang combination: an extraordinary meeting of minds, both armed with an obsession to create.

The ingenious duo has unrivalled experience in the conceptualisation of creative campaigns, brand strategy and consumer activations. In the fast-changing world of advertising, it’s essential that brands are able to stand out with both innovative technology, heightened creativity and a business-orientated strategy.

We’re about great ideas, sharing experiences, inspiring audiences and getting people talking about your brand. Maverick. It’s a lifestyle.

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68 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban North, Durban South Africa


Yaseen Khan: +27 83 786 0628
Kameel Kalyan: + 27 73 1788 744
Ed Reddy: + 27 82 4334 082